Sunday, May 24, 2009

the never-ending

i remember...
all of us had that moment when our ambition is to b a doctor..once upon a time.a child form of us would blink; think; admire how great it would be to put a DR title in front of our names.i noe i had it.

DR. Farah Hanna (uber cool,don't you think?)

but i tell may be a beautiful picture.but the journey to paint it,oh-god..its not xcactly what u call FUN.for example...

  1. books are our new boyfriends, sharing our beds in some nights
  2. tests n exams dun bother us that much anymore, its more of a daily activity to us
  3. the SDLs,PBLs,ILs are the bane of my existence *groans*
  4. not studying a day is d greatest sin u can do

n never would i (or any of us medic students) admit.but its painfully obvious dat we are all 100% naturale nerds n dorks.on my behalf,it happened rather involuntary.. :(

point of this post?
trying to get the truth out there.medicine is not that great.though part of me is proud of myself for still being far~


i got a call from mummy just now.she n her wonderful husband had a shopping KLCC.without me.mmg kena torture everyday.

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