Thursday, June 9, 2011

two ends of a line

one side.

>48yrs MALAY male patient, c/c of hematemasis and severe abdominal pain<

me : (out of COMMON COURTESY) selamat pagi pakcik. kenapa masuk hospital ni? dah lama ke masuk? sakit kat bahagian mana? *hugest smile on face*
patient : ah. (dgn muka takmau layan) sakit perut. tak lama pun. kat sini,sini,sini (points at random parts of stomach)
groupmate : uncle, if u don't mind.. which parts again?
patient : OWHHH! (NOW he smiles) here at the upper part...blablabla...yadayadayada...
me : hekelehhhhhhhhhhhh......... (dalam hati ofcourse)

me : uncle, i'm sorry to ask. but do you drink alcohol?
patient : owh, YES!
me : (stil trying to be sensitive here) if u don't mind me asking, how much do u drink per sitting?
patient : ikut mood laaa. when happy, drink alot! when bad mood, if force also cannot drink right. (turns to indian groupmate) people who don't drink cannot know how it feels right??
me : -_______________________________- '''

the other side

>60yrs female malay patient, c/c of advanced stage 4 breast cancer<

student : makcik, boleh nak tanya soalan sikit?
patient : boleh nak. (she went on telling the A-Z of her condition with no qualms)
at end of case taking, student thanks her
patient : xde xde. makcik besar hati boleh menolong anak belajar. belajar kuat2, jadi doktor yang sempurna. boleh sembuhkan org lain yang ada penyakit macam makcik. untuk makcik, dah terlambat sudah. bila dah kurang kerja tuh, mari la jumpa makcik. makcik selalu seorang je di sini, kadang-kadang bosan jugak *gives crinkly smile*

safe to say, some of the girls teared up after looking at her.

on another note,
male student : sir! i need to go to the toilet!
doctor : nvm. come, i'll give u a rubber band.

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