Monday, June 27, 2011

jabatan psikiatri hospital besar melaka

owhhhhhh yesssssss. say it with me now. FINALLY OUT OF THE GRASP OF SURGERY!! (cues hula dancing around ze room)

freeehhhdomee people! and next up, as you might have read. psychiatry! its been 12days, and its utter bliss. minus 1 point amidst it all,
to those who can imagine him, "you use the phone infront of me, YOUU DIEEEEEEE!!!". siap bulging eyeballs and gritted teeth. geez -_______-

handling patients in this wards can by amusing at times, but ALWAYS i pity them. having to be born with such a defect in their minds, so easily ridiculed by outsiders who cannot understand them. at least, they are all on the road to recovery.

i 1st entered the ward last monday, all wide-eyed and excited. and this chinese lady came straight at me saying, "saya kenal awak!" imagine my surprise, and went "owh?? mana you pernah tengok saya??". "DALAM TV!! ITU ASTRO GUNA MUKA AWAK TAK BAYAR, MCM SAYA PUN!!" i was like -_________________-, while the rest ran away trying not to laugh. well, at least i'm famous! in someone's head atleast :)

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