Saturday, February 5, 2011

a proud VIP

i've never stated anything much here about my interest, or others would say obsession, towards a korean group, BIGBANG. but today, i was woken up by his phone call that sent me to the moon! :D. here's the story.

BIGBANG is having this japan concert tour really soon. in the celebration of it, they gabung tenaga with UNIQLO japan and came out with this whole batch of limited edition BB tees. and, i was like, uniqlo KL ada!! soo, apalagi. called up mr boyfie, put in a lil bit of aegyo and made him drive to KL to check it out for me. turns out the shop was closed 2 days for the gongxi gongxi. quoting him, 'u ni kan, mmg nak kene makan lempang pagi2 hari....'. ehehehe. ampun incik!

but him being him, he went again for me today. and whaddya now, the tees are on the shelves! one and only batch to reach KL. no more other shipments. but atleast u don't have to Q up outside the store since 2am! unlike in japan.. dah la sejuk nak mati. owh the competition there =='

th Q is actually WAYYYY longer

itu xpe lagi. the apparels are also sold online, which u can lupakan also. totally sold out an hour after the counter opened. caya ahhhhh. then.. putting all this aside, i'm now a proud VIP with 2 new different BIGBANG tees!! oh yes :DD. and sayanggg, thank you soo very much. ily <3


Mariam Badidu said...

hehe.. adik i also dying to get the tees. siap ask kwn from japan lagi. *we din know uniqlo KL ade* -__-!

hanaa (: said...

LOL. i was like desperate, thinking nak buy online. then teringat uniqlo KL. but xnk put high hopes, if xde then sedih only. haha. u can hit the shop, its not really going very fast. but it is the only batch, so the faster the better :D

Mariam Badidu said...

oh yeke! ill drop by tmrw!! :)