Saturday, February 5, 2011


yeaaa yeaaa, its been so long. i know. heh. if i would to say that its not like i'm out of things to tell but just too excited about going home to care about other things.. would u accept that? LOL. another 16x24 hours more to go till i'm done with india! booyeah! all my things are packed in boxes, my luggage is already half filled. x sabar punya pasal. haha. i am going to miss this place, but enough is enough. i can't take it anymore. IT here includes the food, the people, the mentality of the people, THE PEOPLE. mind, i don't mean everyone here. but still.. urgh. nak balik!!

i'm in my last postings now, surgery! having 2 of the most adorable surgeons teaching us. both almost or maybe even past 70yrs, they are like our atok angkat for 2 weeks. hehe. one of them, dr santosh is very affectionate. and he shows it by physical contact. squeezing the hands, patting the back, etc. 1st class, girls semua nk duduk depan. needless to say, after that.. the behind rows are the hot seats. lol.

the family's at terengganu, nephew getting married. lil bro called me to tell me they went for ICT there, and i was like 'owh, tganu got lampu2 also meh??' turns out, ICT there means ikan celup tepung. sungguh =='

aiman's back home from NS cos of gong xi, gong xi. hani's home too. saya pun nak ada di situ! ;(
u guys better be missing me!

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