Tuesday, February 16, 2010

.:si musafir:.

you're gonna fly soooonnn... *sob sob*
i x sempat see you.... *sob sob*

dunno when will god allow us to meet againnn......

*sniffle sniffle*
(end of drama tamil)

HAHA. gilaaa ahhh.. aussie weyhhh! esok weyhhh!
welcome to the MEDICAL WORLD. ngahahahaha :DD and please; don't hesitate to be home sick, or to call me anytime to complain why u need to study THAT much, or simply to miss me aloottt :p

sarah hani's list to do:
  1. get kak farah a billabong cap (the one i have, dah penuh YOUR sweat. hee. )
  2. find the nearest cotton on shop there. pleaseandthankyou.
  3. find kak farah the cool hoodie.
  4. take loadsss & loadsss of piccas of matsalleh yang hot *angkat-angkat kening*

nwaysss, you have fun there okengs!
me n mummy will see you in another 2 weeks. hahaha!

gdday maite XD

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