Tuesday, February 16, 2010

kuala lumpur, MALAYSIA

yeah. finally. an update since EVER.

went through and barely survived the university exam. the papers SUCKED BIG TIME. i'm just hoping really hard, praying to god that i passed this year. i do not need to go through that AGAIN. sigh. i may look calm, but deep down.. i'm having small bursts of panic attacks. gahh.

nways, its over and done with.

home in FIVE DAYS. yeahhh!!! back to the food. shopping malls. basically, away from books. it'll b a lil quiet, since hani won't be around anymore. aiman, u're the victim now :p

practicals in 3 days. with that, the viva lists will be coming out. another round of suspense. yeapp, more unis talk. its not over until its really OVER right. in this case, until the results surfaces......saya tidak boleh duduk diam. aiyaaaa~

but stil,

no idea edyyy...

ok, now i go study :)

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