Sunday, August 26, 2012

its been awhile since my last sitting in the university exams. and its back. with full steam ahead, leaving me way WAY behind. with only 2 weeks left on the countdown and i have like 5 different types of countdowns around my room. not that its enough of a reminder. i'm studying as fast as i can (read: turtle) and drinking coffee by the galleons. this time around, i learnt a few new things about myself :-

1- under stress, i can cry buckets with the smallest stimuli. for example, here i am, randomly picking an episode of my favorite korean drama series to blow off steam. with fate, i chose that episode where the hero got dumped; a sad scene if you may. i then started... like the malay saying goes, menangis macam hilang laki -___-" well, at least i DID feel better after. LOL

2- i can no more be wonder woman and study till late at night and wake up early the next morning. 8 hours of sleep is the way people! how on earth did i do it on 4 hours of sleep during 2nd year is beyond me now.

what i know which still remains unsolved until now is..

why am i here in medicine school again???

no worries, i'll somehow adore this place again after my exams. but for now,


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