Wednesday, December 29, 2010

me in lara croft mode.

realised i didnt make one this year. still, its never too late right. it was 3 days ago, nevertheless i hoped everyone had a MERRY JOLLY HOLIDAY! did u guys meet the dude in red?? he lost weight right?! thought he was a bit smaller this year. heh :) *end of lame joke*

i spent my very non-white christmas camping in the jungle this year. it was an AWESOME weekend. the 11 of us headed to riverredge (y is it not spelt ridge right?? i'm still bewildered over the same thing. trust me.) paradise eco-resort, reaching there only by midnite. so, it was all dark and cold, VERY COLD. wasn't prepared at all, i froze thru the night. see! x need got snow oso :p

the scenery needs no words. then, its jungle trekking!!! wahhhh, manyak rindu ahhh!!! :D. after the whole "becareful, duri!", "owh shit! stupid rock.", etc.. we reached this waterfall where we totally rockclimbed weyhh :p. siap repel repel down some more. cayaaaaa kaaannnnnnnn~ eventho i was scared shitless, those people won't let me go home until i'm done doing both. haha.

a weekend well spent is just what i needed. minus the point that i had the worst motion sickness in the history of mankind, i basically retched thru the whole 5hour journey home. was half dead by the time ainaa opened the door for me. geez =='

everyone :)

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