Saturday, May 1, 2010

hello MAY!

wah. sudah bulan may. time sure flies fast enough, just finished a block exam and i'm already heading towards another one in a week. need to breathe wei! studyin my arse off, in a way laaaaa. haha. just got my internet back, after 6days of puasa. not even a week, yet youtube and FB sempat tukar layout. laju sungguh. just happy that i'm now re-connected to the world :D

u know how i whined and complained it was so hot here.. it WAS!! the whole day, the sun was like 'i'll burnn all of YOUUU' .... erm, u get what i mean lah. then.. a sudden ribut taufan attack at 3am. of all timings! i tell you, it was scary weyh. whole apmnt building blackout till the next day noon, turns out the tiang elektrik outside got striked by lightning. hence, making my modem, the thingy that gives me the net hangus and my MIA story. found out, the whole manipal terbangun cos of the ribut. all the pokok2 and billboards jatuh. caya-ahh..

yesterday, we had a fly-fly kites session. went to support the heamophiliac society, raising funds by selling kites and lucky draw coupons. i tell you, in this situation.. usaha MEMANG tangga kejayaan. haha. itulah hanaa.. time kecik2, dun wan to learn. dah besar, baru nk main =.='
my kite ahh.. when its finally up, it came down as soon as i started to be xcited. aiyo, useless useless.. at least it was for charity, and FUN! ; in a "fly kite, flyyy!! yeayyyy!!! no! no noooooo.. damn." way XD

and tonight, having a potluck dinner at wafa's. owh, makan-makan session pula. saya dibawah biro pencuci mulut. hitting the kitchen later in ze evenin. and now, i gotta study 1st. perlu keep the yin and yang going. if not ahh... itu guru besar di melawati ahh, sure bagi gentle reminder again. heeeeee *peace* :DD

budak manipal signing out!

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abdul rahman said...

yessir..tau takpe..dis guru besar lagi efektif then sktm's guru besar..u are a gooood student..keep it up..kahkahkahkah...