Thursday, October 29, 2009

of perverted calls and the current obssesion

yesterday morning, 7.00am

hanna was sleeping so soundly, 1 more hour till having to get up for class. her phone rings, waking her up in a start. she looks to see an unknown number. grumbling over her lost sleep, she presses the green button..

H : helloooo (so lah the mamai at that time)
the IDIOT : who is this??
H monolog dalaman : tempe mane la pulak pagi2 buta ni? bodoh tol. (tempe = org tempatan)
H : yeah, who do you want to speak to??? (getting pissed)
the IDIOT : owh. i LOVE you. can i SMELL you bra???
hanna got a shock and was reallllyy pissed by now.
H : bastard. wrong number.

just tell me guys.. who on the blarrddyyy earth gets HORNY at 7 blarrdyy AM?!?!

stupid idiot....argh!! (=.=)"


and on a lighter note, i am now soooo IN LOVE with a korean group DBSK / THSK / TVXQ. not only one of the group member is superbblyyy gorgeous. but their voices are really something :))

just give it a try kayyys :)

post script : micky is mine, all mine :D


Hezry Abu Hasan said... mentally disturbd by ur post.discusting gila weyh

hanaa (: said...

ure reading it from my post.i got the REAL THING.i'm more traumatized kots! :p

malinaramlan said...

OMG hanna.