Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Merdeka Train Party

the MTP organized by Random Alphabets was joined by 200+ people during the 31st. me and aiman didn't miss the fun, gathered with the others at KL Sentral that afternoon. the point of the whole event was to decorate the interior of monorail trains and have a PARTYY to spread the merdeka cheer!

were divided into 7 teams to cover ALL running trains that day. we were supposed to blend in with the crowd till Medan Tuanku station; though i don't think we managed that by carrying ribbons all over.haha.

basically a team for each train. with the cue given, we rushed in respective trains and decorated everywhere with flags, stickers, ribbons etc etc etc. reaching the last station, i.e Titiwangsa, the stencil and balloon teams were waiting. and taddaaa! a decorated train!

we then rode back towards KL Sentral; singing negaraku, birthday songs, tanggal31 or just randomly shouting MERDEKA. haha. the public just gawked. some shake their heads, some played and sang along. it was just so much fun :)). we got off at Tun Sambathan station to greet other trains. the monorail drivers even joined the fun by pressing the horn every time the train passed us.

pure clean vandalism, i say! haha. the write-up on this event is out today in the STAR (star two section) and the video report by The STAR is below :))

i look so weird in this =.=

*the obviously better looking pictures above are courtesy of team 3's photographer, ZUL :)


ruth tan said...

wohooo .. i din know u blogged lol

hanaa (: said...

just trying

sharliza said...

haha..pdn muke xmasuk paper..hahhaa